Since the release of their first album “By the Cross” in 2005, ZUUL FX made a striking entrance into the metal world, not only in France but also in Europe where they were enthusiastically received.
The astonishing success of Steeve Petit a.k.a. “Zuul” and his musicians during their live performances reinforced the massive support of the French media: magazines such as Hard Rock Mag and Rock One established the band as the new leader of the scene. At the same time, Myspace, M6 Rock, MCM and MTV Pulse play several of their video clips.

ZUUL FX was rewarded for all this motion in November 2006 by being featured on the cover of the magazine Hard N Heavy dedicated to the most important French metal bands (appearing with Gojira, Black Bomb A, Eths and more).

But ZUUL FX has not only been noticed in France: Bruce Dickinson (IRON MAIDEN) played the album on the notorious English rock radio, BBC1. Distinguished magazines such as Kerrang, Metal Hammer (UK), Rock Hard, Legacy (Germany), Metal Shock (Italy) where unanimous about the quality of their first album.

2007, ZUUL FX’s new album “LIVE FREE OR DIE” is released. Whereas the basic structure remains powerful modern metal, the mix of grooves, machines and precise riffs, dissociates the new album from being the missing link between Slipknot and Fear Factory. Demonstrating various shades of sounds and atmospheres, ZUUL FX now fully confirms their seductive potential on different grounds.

For this release, the band produced two video clips, “Fight For the Cause”, executive producer Xavier Maingon (The Roots) and “I Never Forget”, incorporating scenes from Laurent Bouhnik’s movie “Zonzon” (Zonzon, L’invité, 24h dans la vie d’une femme…) as the movie was being released in DVD.

With “Live Free Or Die”, ZUUL FX is invited to join one of the most extraordinary festivals of Europe, the WITH FULL FORCE FESTIVAL in Germany.
This opportunity will open a wild field of surprises: “Zuul” and his sidekicks seduce the audience. The local promoters are so impressed by their live performance that they offer to stand in for Static X, that had canceled their European tour at the last minute… The very next day, ZUUL FX appears in front of 40’000 fans came to acclaim Lamb Of God, Korn and Slayer.
This 30th of June 2007, the band is consented unanimously and offered to tour and share the scene for several months with the New York’s notorious band Pro Pain.

After an other European tour in 2008, “Zuul” appears as a special guest at the famous “CAVALERA CONSPIRACY” with Max and Igor Cavalera, headliners at the HELLFEST to interpret “ROOTS BLOODY ROOTS” from Sepultura. The audience (approximately 25’000 people) as well as the media were flabbergasted. In deed, the CAVALERA brothers had held the secret in order to create a buzz at this night’s show.

After two long European tours and over 400 concerts, ZUUL FX releases a double DVD with for bonus a live album in July 2009 called “LIVE IN THE HOUSE” which depicts the band’s first debuts until nowadays. The DVD sells out after two months. 
Fall 2009, the DVD from the band is already a collector’s item for the fans.
At the same time, the French stand-up comedian “Dédo”, member of the “Djamel Comédie Club” and Axel Guyot from “Avalon” films contact Steeve to take part of a movie project called “POP REDEMPTION” while Mark Eacersall, Martin Le Gall and Alexandre Astier are still working on the script. Steeve joins them to elaborate a teaser that will be used to cast the future movie stars appearing as “Les Dead Makabés”.

2010, Steeve “Zuul” and Karim Attoumane (guitar player) nail it down as they release the zombies! After spending two years in a studio, they finally come up with the album “THE TORTURE NEVER STOPS”! The fans are aware that the album covers are created by “Zuul” himself, which leaves no one indifferent: the Zombies are amongst us.

2011 is a good year for “Zuul”! Once again he appears on stage, but this time he performs during the opening act of “CAVALERA CONSPIRACY” at the Bataclan in Paris. Steeve will perform once again on stage with MAX and IGOR CAVALERA for the title “ROOTS BLOODY ROOTS”!
The year has just begun and only a few weeks before the concert at the “Bataclan”, “Zuul” and his band members perform at the concert opening for the bands SLAYER and MEGADETH at the Zenith in Paris! Another dream come true for a metal head!!! After that, “ZUUL FX” plays in front of 8’000 people on the eminent Mainstage of the “HELLFEST”.

October 2011! “Zuul” and Karim are urging to create. They burry themselves inside their home studio to come up with the music for their brand new album that will be entitled “UNLEASHED”! The music from “UNLEASHED” is pulled from the “B” side of the previous album. The songs were so different, far more technical and brutal that they had to be locked inside a chess and kept by a wild beast. LoL
The songs from this new album are undeniably inspired from the 80’s New Wave. Backgrounds from the first album are used as an influence and takes us back to the “Metal ‘N Roll” style that defines ZUUL FX’s sound since their debut.
This time Gwen Vibancos, a promising young SF artist illustrator designs the cover, competing against “Zuul”!
The lyrics will give birth to a concept album. “Zuul” asks Elisabeth Pozoglou a.k.a. “Liza”, an Australian friend and columnist, that has been following the evolution of the band from the beginning, to unite force and ideas from, despite the distance separating them and bring to life the concept of “UNLEASHED”.
The story inside the album deplores humanity and it’s flaws throughout our society in a metaphor which is presented on the cover by an apocalyptic world ruled by zombies, somehow not very different from what we really are.
At the same time, Steeve is involved in the preparation of “POP REDEMPTION”. Since 2011, Karim Attoumane, Franck Lebon and Steeve have been working closely on the musical concept and original movie score. He is designated as Musical Coach to prepare the actors Gregory Gadebois, Yacine Belhouse, Jonathan Cohen and Julien Doré to Metal music and as a Metal music consultant for the production. Steeve also appears in the movie, playing the role of Ben, the HellFest organizer, opposing the actress Audrey Fleurot!

In 2013, Zuul Fx is setting the stages on fire with their brand new line up.
At the same time, the movie “POP REDEMPTION” is released and is widely praised by the media. “Zuul” Steeve’s incredible work on this production as a consultant and musical coach is highly claimed by the audience and the members of the industry when presented at the International Film Festival of Aubagne and at the Cannes Festival.
The actors are received with acclamation on the set of the special Cannes show hosted by Laurent Weiss on Canal+.
Nonetheless, “Zuul” Steeve’s participation doesn’t end here. In deed, the movie’s sound track contains titles from the album “UNLEASHED” (like “Zombie Followers” and “Break”) and “Zuul” Steeve creates original songs for the character Dozzy Cooper and for the band “the DEAD MAKABES”. “Zuul” Steeve appears in the film interpreting the highly appropriated role of the Hellfest manager.
“Zuul” Steeve’s experience with the movie industry provides him with the ability to master his own personal vision of the world throughout the video clip “Zombie Followers”.
The public describes this video clip to be a genuine short movie as laudable as the famous TV series and comic “The Walking Dead”.
With the support from some members of the “POP REDEMPTION” production crew, “Zuul” Steeve creates a mini film praised not only by the international musical business but by the film industry as well !
A masterstroke performed by the young director Jean Christian Tassy and crew with the contribution for the special effects of Pascal Molina ( La Cité des Enfants Perdus, the Transporter…). The young and beautiful Délia Espinat Dief (from Pop Redemption), appearing as guest star for the video clip that’s supervised by Stonehenge Production.
At the end of the year 2013, the Zuul Fx band strikes again as they sign with the great Jackson Guitars company to promote their guitars and bass guitars…
And not to mention the highly expected, for over a year, of the album “UNLEASHED” grand European tour !

In early 2014, Steeve is focusing on working on the next Zuul Fx concept album.

March 2014, an offer for a Japanese tour with Entombed AD is made.


May 2014, Alexandre Astier & Jean Christophe Hembert (Kaamelott, Que ma joie demeure …) are meeting Steeve in Paris to ask him to be a part of their next show called L’Exoconference & he is requested to find musicians for this project.


August 2014, Zuul Fx is part of a German festival, with amongst others, Prong & Caliban. This gig marks the return of the first Zuul Fx guitar player « Greg von Zuul » aka Greg Lambert.


At the end of August 2014, the musicians are flying to the land of the rising sun with Jonas Sanders from Pro-Pain behind the drums kit. This first Japanese tour is a success for Zuul Fx & a testimony from this tour is released on May the 23rd 2015 the CD-DVD « Live in Japan ». It is also the first official release from Steeve’s brand new label OKULT RECORDS.


As soon as Steeve & Greg came back from Japan, they are jumping into a TGV (high speed train) from Charles de Gaulle airport to Lyon to go on tour  for 45 performances of L’Exoconference. For Steeve it is the opportunity to be back on drums, his first love.


This is a huge success for this first tour with L’Exoconference with an average audience of 800 people by night. At the end of this first tour, they played in front of 36,000 people.


The tour with Alexandre Astier being over, it is time to head over to Okult Records studio to edit all the images recorded in Japan.


Steeve & his video team are working hard during 3 months between the screenplay & the search of   archives in order to create this little DVD of 45 minutes with the live being mixed with images from the beginning of Zuul Fx to the first Japanese tour & snippets of an interview with Steeve.  


On the CD of the album, 9 unreleased demos tracks can be found with the 3 tracks from the first official demo « Ass Music » & 6 live tracks from the Japanese tour. The mixing & mastering is made by Francis Caste.


The work on the DVD hardly begun & the Exoconference 45 gigs over, another Exoconference tour is announced. Our musicians have no time to be bored & are touring again with Alexandre Astier from mid December 2013 to mid February 2015 with this time quite a huge bonus : the recording of 2 performances of L’Exoconference for a DVD to come.


Then another huge news is coming in December 2014 for Zuul Fx as a come back to Japan is discussed for Zuul Fx. Steeve and the guys are more than happy knowing this as they have nothing but a tremendous respect for this country.

Since they have been touring across Europe to promote “By The Cross” and “Live Free Or Die”, ZUUL FX has had the privilege to share the stage with bands such as Megadeth, Korn, Machine Head, Gojira, Slayer, Lamb Of God, Trivium, Annihilator, Fear Factory, Motörhead, Hatebreed, Brujeria, Pro Pain, Napalm Death, Lofofora, Eths, Dagoba, Anthrax and many more and has played at the HellFest, the Fury Fest as well as the Metal Therapy and the With Full Force.


ZUUL FX were named the metal revelation of 2005 with their first album “By The Cross”

The album was released wide across Europe and was particularly noticed in England, where Bruce Dickinson (IRON MAIDEN) broadcasts the album on the BBC1.

End 2006 the leader of the band was featured on the Hard N Heavy (French key metal magazine) split cover story about the head of the new French Metal bands.

The band is invited to join one of the most popular European Metal Festival in Germany, the WITH FULL FORCE FESTIVAL, near Berlin, where they stand-in for STATIC X, playing on the Mainstage in front of 40’000 spectators, sharing the stage with Lamb of God, Korn and Slayer.

“Zuul” is called in as a “special guest” at the HELLFEST with Max and Igor CAVALERA for their legendary “CAVALERA CONSPIRACY” to sing the title song “ROOTS BLOODY ROOTS” from Sepultura in front of over 30’000 fans.

2009, release of the double DVD live “LIVE IN THE HOUSE” distributed only for two months before being sold out and praised by the fans.

2011, with “THE TORTURE NEVER STOPS”, ZUUL FX plays at the Zenith of Paris with Megadeth and Slayer, then on the HELLFEST Mainstage, in front of over 8’000 people.

2012 Steeve "Zuul" and Karim Attoumane composes the new album "UNLEASHED" and the score for the movie “POP REDEMPTION” with Franck Lebon. He also coaches and prepares the actors Gregory Gadebois, Yacine Belhouse, Jonathan Cohen and Julien Doré for playing their role as Metal musicians. He also becomes the Metal music consultant on the production and also appears in the movie, playing the role of Ben, the HellFest organizer, opposing the actress Audrey Fleurot! 

2013 ZUUL FX is preparing a European wide tour and video movie clip taken from the Album "UNLEASHED".

2014... Steeve "Zuul" compose the new concept Album and prepare Zuul FX for some gigs for this new year... 

The band has performed at the biggest festivals (Fury Fest, HellFest, Metal Therapy, With Full Force…) and has shared the stage with bands such as Korn, Machine Head, Gojira, Slayer, Lamb Of God, Trivium, Annihilator, Fear Factory, Motörhead, Hatebreed, Brujeria, Pro Pain, Napalm Death, Lofofora, Eths, Dagoba, Anthrax, and many more.

Their video clips are broadcasted on M6, MCM, MTV Pulse, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook…