August, 22ND 2018 The date is finally out!

August, 22ND 2018

The date is finally out!

It will be with a strong emotion, that, I will have the pleasure to share with you a part of my work with a brand new single " THE MATRIARK OF TRON ", taken from my independent shop " OKULT RECORDS ", written and realised by myself from A to Z. Glory to the independence, and what an important one...

This song was mixed and masterised by the illustrious producer Jeff Dunne ( Animals as leaders, Emmure, Crossfaith...) You will have the opportunity to found the song on more than 250 platforms in the whole world, not a tiny thing!

Then you can also already pre-order your physical copy, by our website ( available on september, 15th 2018) with 2 different version of " THE MATRIARK OF TRON ", adapted to the Metal style of ZUUL FX, with a dark electro version + an acoustic version, simply Digipack Limited Collector's Edition available on the online store, and only on this one:

But for now, it's " thanks " time...

I would like to let some words, by the release of the single, greet, thank and pay tribute first to my family from the bottom of my heart, and mostly to you, my fans, who follow me every single day in life, on social media, and put your trust in me...

To the work of my faithful companions in arms, without whom nothing would be possible.

Without this precious help, even with the distance, I named my sound engineer Antoine Dermaut, with whom I collaborate for more than 13 years, all around the world on tour, as well on the studio production today and who had the opportunity to support Jeff Dunne for this brand new single, release on August, 22nd 2018... ( the joy of being independent... work with who you want, do as you want and when you want ).

Thank and pay tribute to my brother in arms Nicolas Palezscna, AKA " Stoblaz ", who works on the musical arrangements of my projects for more than 4 years, and also do the remix of the songs of the next dark electronic album. You will have the opportunity to see him, sometimes, on Zuul FX live performance.

Also, thank my young " rookie " on bass, I named Ben Miranda, who follow me for 6 years now... there is also on the rhythm section my friends from the band " PRO-PAIN ": Jonas Sanders on Drums and Adam Phillips on guitar, the ones who also worked, in part, on the upcoming album of ZUUL FX.

I just said " in part " because of the guests on the album, for the ones who haven't take a look to my previous messages, but we will back at it soon...

I almost forgot... you will be able to see the studio video of " THE MATRIARK OF TRON " on Youtube, on the official release!

By the way, I would like to thank the ones who worked on our latests audiovisual productions, pics and post-production I named Nickolas Guihal, Chloé Robert, Isis Bonfanti, who made a remarkable work...

I hope you will enjoy this first single... august 22nd, 2018 Save the date!

Anyway, I will share the updates on social media!

Thank you all!

Steeve Petit






Steeve Petit aka "Zuul" just release his new metal single "The Matriark Of Tron". The song will be available on August, 22nd worldwide on every streaming platforms. For more content, check:

Free and independent, it's difficult to categorize a band in the music industry and even by the fans who sometimes consider it "original" cause "... every album is a journey throughout our lives," he says. 
He is an artist on the national and international stage totally unconventional, for a music who take his roots in Metal and Electronics style... To discover or rediscover Zuul FX's music, who will make you travel for sure.
"The Matriark Of Tron" is the first single of a long series to come.


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