To my Friends, my Tribe...

To my friends, my tribe...

I didn't know where to start... so here is a summary to let you understand... first it was in 2013... release of the movie " POP REDEMPTION " in which I was very invested. Coming next, a radical change of line-up within ZUUL FX, with a notable end of year: an european tour with a fresh team and that's means a lot...

Then, there have been a beginning of composition for the one who was designed to succeed to " unleashed ". I do not hide to you that in front of my white page, so many questions came in my head, a look on my past, my musical career and then, the answers came clearly. The desire to leave it all for now and take the time to rest, never did it before, something new for me...

2014, came with resolutions, we take the way of the auto-production, followed by a German festival, a Japan tour who was the subject of a collector LIVE DVD with exclusive contents, my first production from A to Z for my label " OKULT RECORDS ".. the DVD will be " SOLD OUT ".

In the same year, an other tour who was supposed to take 6 months maximum, but this time, with the King of a TV serie, renowned all around the Hexagon ( and even further ) for a wonderful show about a question who was not definitely fixed.

But I didn't stop there... 2015, I switch at the same time on a movie shoot in the parisian suburbs, then to the mountain of Chamonix, and ended in Tibet.

Between two conferences, on the existential question not settled: a second awesome Japan tour is emerging for ZUUL FX, it will be an unforgettable tour, with magical moments and a crowd who hit us right in the deepest of our hearts...

Back in Europe for some cinema's projects, and still the famous conference who keeps growing.

November 2015, Midilive Studio. Fantastic! A unique place... but i'm feeling disappointed about us... of our work... missing something... not working... I need more time and reflexion about the musical direction. From this day all the compositions goes to the closet, this is not working, not working at all...

During the same period, " fixed the question about the alien's life " takes a lot of scale and mark the beginning of a tour of Zenith all around the France, with a few gigs in Switzerland and Belgium. Early in 2016, we make a stop by England at the " LONDON PALLADIUM ". All the tour is " SOLD OUT ". We make the stop of the adventure in Paris at the " HOTEL ACCORD ARENA " ( BERCY ).

After this tour I put my head back in the demos and I came out with fresh ideas... my old friends Antoine on the sound, Stoblaz at the musical arrangements and me have finally found what we're looking for! Work in Progress!

2017, and here something happened, a present of life, a newborn son... "Nils", my dreams come true!!

Between two projects, a movie, but this time it takes his place more than a century before our era, with poor children, an old man, a monkey, dogs and wolfs... whatever!

Back in studio with Antoine and Stoblaz! We put together a schedule with some ideas, a lot of work to come.

By the end of 2017, back to recording sessions, crossed by two shows in France. The rhythm section interpreted for this session by Adam and Jonas from the famous american band " PRO PAIN ", Ben Miranda on Bass and Stoblaz for the samples and keyboards. Followed by our dear friend Nicko Guihal ( live photographer ).

Ben and me ended 2017 in style with a Web serie, surrounded by a wonderful crew of disabled people!

Finally, we are in 2018!

We put our work here and prepare the release of the next ZUUL FX... it will take a few more time for the album, september 2018, not too long!

Until the release you will have an overview of what's happening, some pics and brand new songs all along the first semester! So enjoy your time! First Extract during April...

Stay Tuned!

Steeve "Zuul"

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SHOWCASE gratuit de ZUUL FX - Présentation de la team de l'album et pour la tournée 2018, autour d'un verre et quelques nouveaux titres et autres incontournables du projet de Steeve "Zuul". CONVENT GARDEN STUDIO - PARC D’ACTIVITÉS DE LA DANNE, RUE DU BOUVREUIL 95610 ERAGNY SUR OISE WWW.COVENTGARDEN.FR - STUDIOS@COVENTGARDEN.FR

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I am proud to annonce my new fucking team for the next gig!

Hello there !

This is now!!

I am proud to annonce my new fucking team for the next gig!

Starting in south of France next month with :  
Adam Phillips - Guitar. (Pro Pain)
Jonas Sanders - Drums. (Pro Pain)
Ben Miranda - Bass
Stoblaz - Electronic - Fuking Stuff!

And awesome bands like : Moghan-Ra / Stone Of A Bitch  / Mad Monkey

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Zuul Fx New album... Work In Progress!! We will give you some news very soon!! Stay tuned!!

Zuul FX at Warwick Basscamp 2016!

(English version below)

Ben Miranda, Steeve Zuul et Antoine Dermaut sont invités cette année au Warwick BassCamp et Reeveland Festival 2016!
1 semaine aux côtés de Steve Bailey, Stuart Hamm, Phil X( Bon Jovi), Rex Brown(Pantera/Kill Devil Hill), Scott Reeder( Kyuss/Fireball Ministry) et bien d'autres!
Amis Allemand et internationaux, on se retrouve là bas!…

Ben Miranda, Steeve Zuul and Antoine Dermaut will be special guests this year at Warwick Basscamp and Reeveland Festival 2016!
1 week with Steve Bailey, Stuart Hamm, Phil X( Bon Jovi), Rex Brown(Pantera/Kill Devil Hill), Scott Reeder( Kyuss/Fireball Ministry) and many more!
German friends and those who are all around the world, see you there!…

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